From Here to There Review

Title:  From Here to There                                              Author:  SkyeRose

Source: MirrorMask                                                       Character(s): Helena & Valentine

Rating:  T                                                                      Genre(s):  Romance / Angst

Chapter(s): 1                                                                  Status: Complete

Author’s Synopsis: When Helena bumps into Valentine’s real world look-a-like, she realizes where she belongs…and who she belongs with.


Welcome Readers, I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.  Once again I have delved into the one-shots as I decompress from The Air that I Breathe and it’s good to know that I can still find some pretty bad stories out there.  There are the stories that are bad in the sense of poorly written and then there are the ones that make me wonder why they were ever written.  This story lands in the latter category.

This is simply a Helena and Valentine get together and finally kiss story.   This is pure, unadulterated fan service but it’s servicing only the fans that want instant gratification.  Like, I’m a Helena x Valentine fan but given the direction of the movie and how it ended, I’m not sorry that they didn’t kiss or have an “I love you” moment.  To me those things are unnecessary for the story and would have been out of character for Helena given her age and personality; she was not thrilled with her “evil” self snogging boys in her bedroom.  As such, I would rather have my Helena x Valentine romances occur a bit more naturally; give them some time to nurture a romance and have the story begin a year or two after the movie when Helena might have an interest in snogging boys.

This one-shot tries to provide a foundation – a motive – for the events but in the end it was useless.  For instance, the story unnecessarily switches to the perspective of Valentine’s real world counterpart (Max) to get his view on Helena’s behavior.  I say this is unnecessary because Max never shows back up in the story and his perspective provides zero insight – I think Readers can figure out that Helena’s behavior towards him seems odd without his perspective.  It’s parts like this that make me wonder why it is in the story.

Valentine in this story is not the Valentine from the movie.  Where is the juggler who was trying to make it big and was too stubborn to say he was “sorry”?  He’s not in this story.  In fact, the Valentine in this story is so unlike the one from the movie that I can’t say that this story is based on the movie.  No, the Valentine in this story is one pulled from another person’s fantasy and has no relation to the one in the movie.  I understand that as fans we like to romanticize certain characters, make them outwardly care more than they did in the original and make them easily accept and return romantic sentiments, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of the character’s core personality.

Then there’s Helena who…I don’t even know how this version of Helena came to be.  She seems less attached to world of the circus and her family.  Not to the point where she abandons her family for the Mirror Realm but her ties to them feel weaker.  She chooses to hide in her room and sob rather than seek comfort from her mum.  Her parents do not come to check up on her which is strange given how in the movie her mother would actively seek out Helena when something was wrong and push to know what was going on while the father would swoop in to play peacekeeper.

Plus, Helena – as shown in the movie – has a hard time verbally expressing her feelings; she is able to express her anger and frustration but not the cause behind it.  Yet, in this story, she somehow figures out that the ache in her chest is from her love for Valentine.  This is yet another romanticized version of a character and it hurts the character and story.  This story would have been more compelling if Helena actually had to take time to sort out her feelings rather than just knowing.

I wish I could say something positive about the story but in the end I feel like I just wasted 10 minutes of my life on this fan service fan fic that failed to service this fan.  If anyone wants to check it out, go for it, but I think there are far better stories out that fan service and worth the time to read.

Fuck this story for wasting my time.


Stars: 1/10