Welcome Reader, I am the Fan Fic Reviewer and this is the kick-off to my fan fiction review blog!  *Confetti* I’m excited about this because it’s been over 18 months in the making.

So let’s get started with some brief introductions, I am your reviewing host and I will be reviewing the good, the bad, and the ones that should never exist within the world of fan fiction.   I have been an avid fan of fan fiction for about a decade now (might be more) – whenever my family got our first computer with internet – and I have decided to jump on the online reviewing bandwagon.

Why fan fiction?  Because while I read books, comic books, manga, and watch anime, movies, TV-shows, and play video games, there are plenty of other people out there who review them and do a great job at it.  Plus, I want to give recognition to the fans, such as myself, who may only ever publish their stories through a fan website.   It kind of helps that fan fiction is ever growing and easy to access so I don’t need to torrent anything or wait for release dates to review them.

What will I be reviewing?  Anything and everything that’s a fan fic.  Seriously, nothing is off-limits!  There is no such thing as a no-go zone with ratings, content, source, characters, etc.  Everything is fair game!  Why?  Well, why should I restrict what I review when I don’t restrict what I read?  If Readers have suggestions (good, bad, or “oh my God, why did I read that?”) of fics for me to review, they are welcome.  Just leave a comment with the Title, Original Source, and URL.

How do these reviews work?  Well, I provide as much information about the fic as is displayed on the website I found: Title, Author, Rating, Character(s), Status, Chapter #, Author’s description, and URL.  I will then provide my own synopsis of the story because sometimes what the author intended to write and what I read are two different things. Then I’ll provide the good and bad points of the fic, my feelings (which can be very strong at times) and experience with the fic (some of these are stories I read almost a decade ago), and if I would recommend to story.  I will end every review with a 1-10 star rating with 1 representing “the worst of the worst, time wasting, POS of a story” and 10 representing “this should be published.”

Do I write fan fiction?  Yes, I have a much older penname that I use to write fan fiction.  The reason I’m not using it as my alias for reviews is because I don’t expect everyone to take my reviews well and I don’t want/need people hunting down my stories just to give them bad reviews as payback.

Will I review my own fan fiction?  No.  I cannot objectively review my own fan fiction.  It’s less that if I were to review my own fan fiction that they would get 10/10 stars and glowing reviews but more that I’d be so highly-critical of my own work that I would tear it to shreds then feel that I should just delete those stories.  It wouldn’t matter if they were decent or redeemable stories either.  So I will never review my own fan fiction.

Why not start a Youtube Channel to do the reviews?  I’m not photogenic.  Okay, that’s not true, I don’t know how photogenic I am.  The reason why I’m typing reviews rather than filming reviews is in part that I express myself better through writing and because fan fiction is reading which is not conducive to filming.  I don’t know how interesting I can make a review by sitting in front of a camera and spouting my opinions to a camera without having cinematic or music to clip to for examples.  So, the short answer is this: In my mind, the only way to review writing is through writing.  Sure I’ll include images of the actual text with all my markings and comments, but that’s probably the most elaborate my reviews will ever get.

When will the reviews be posted?  Unless I state otherwise, reviews will be posted every Monday and Friday.  There will be times when I can’t post because I’m away on vacation or busy with work that I cannot post, but I plan to make the reviews regularly posted 2 times a week.

Now then, I think that about covers who I am, what this blog is, and how I plan to operate this blog.  Feel free to comment, suggest, and even defend stories.  Please, try to be civil with me and each other because this is meant to be for fun.

Let the reviewing commence!!!


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