Announcement – New Posting Dates

Hey Readers, I just wanted to announce a change to my posting days.

I’ve had a couple of weeks to consider this and I’ve decided that due to my change in work responsibilities, I will no longer be posting on Mondays and Fridays.  Instead, I will be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I know, not a huge change, but I like to keep people aware.

Thanks for reading.  I will have a review posted later today – I’m in the middle of working on it now. 🙂


Emma’s New Year Review

Title: Emma’s New Year                                         Author: Kathy

Source: Emma by Jane Austen                                 Character(s): Emma & Knightly

Rating: NA                                                        Genre(s): NA

Chapter(s): 1                                                        Status: Complete

Synopsis:  Emma Woodhouse attends a party and finds an opportunity for love in the new year.


Welcome Readers, it’s time to close out another week.  Since I’m in the middle of reading a couple very LONG stories – one is 81 chapters and the other is 122 chapters – I wanted to take a break to read something lighter.  So, I went back to my old stomping ground of Austen stories and dug up some treasures.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.

Returning to my favorite site for Austen fiction I looked at the “Fantasia Gallery” where all the alternate universe stories are stored.  There were plenty to choose from but this Emma one caught my interest.  This is a cute one shot.  It’s a modern setting for Emma and it’s essentially the ending of the book where Knightly confesses to Emma but it takes place at a New Years’ Party.

I’ll start by saying that I really enjoyed this story.  I enjoyed the modern setting, the nods to the original story, the whirlwind of emotions Emma feels, and the relationship between Emma and Knightly.  Just everything worked so well in this story!

I enjoyed the modern setting of this story, although I had initially thought it was going to be a 1920s setting; it has a swinger vibe to it.  Further into the story, enough information is given to paint the modern setting; and who Emma is by this point in the story.  Knowing who Emma is helps to show where in the original story this one parallels; the confession scene.

The writing does an amazing job of recapping the story of Emma via Emma’s evaluation of the past year and weaving it into the current events.  It seamlessly goes through the ups and downs; from Miss Taylor’s wedding, befriending Harriet, the horrible debacle with Elton, and the strange relationship with Frank.  It’s a well-crafted nod to Austen fans but not given in huge detail that would burden people unfamiliar with the original story.

This story does a great job in creating a sense for Emma’s emotions.  She’s recently single, her last boyfriend was dating someone else, and her new friend is crushing on her long-time friend and brother-in-law.  Then as midnight draws near her worst nightmare is released on the party; balloons.  Emma’s fear during this part of the story is almost pliable.  As is her relief when Knightly saves her.  There is the sense that everything is kind of closing in around Emma throughout the party then there is the glimmer of light with Knightly rescue and confession.

The relationship between Knightly and Emma isn’t explored much but I don’t think it needed to be.  After all, the story subtly gives hints as to the kind of relationship he’s had with Emma prior to the story and Emma actively chooses not to explore her feelings during the party.  Knightly is very much like any other iteration, ever Emma’s dependable friend; he knows to do to help ease Emma’s burdens (getting her father food and drink), he anticipates her needs (fear of balloons), and he doesn’t seek admiration for his deeds.  For showcasing very little of Knightly in the story, it does successfully illustrate him as the man who has always been by her side.

I don’t think there is anything terribly weak about this story.  It’s got solid writing, a great build up, and is wonderfully charming for Austen fans.  I kind of want to read more stories like this one.

I highly recommend Austen fans to check out this story.  This is definitely worth the read.


Stars: 10/10

Announcing the Return

Well, I’ve been gone for several months and for that, I apologize.  Especially since I’ve been gone without a word.  I shall not bore anyone with the details but needless to say that life got in the way and it became difficult to balance home, work, family, boyfriend, moving, competitions, and this blog.  Some things got put on the back burner, and unfortunately my reviews were among the items put on the back burner.

Thankfully, things have calmed down and now I’m coming back with more reviews, more fan fics to read (and have been read), more opinions, and a sturdier Soap Box.

As in the past, I will return to my normal reviews being posted on Monday and Fridays, but as I’ve missed (1..2…3…) 30 scheduled reviews, I will be posting a review a day until I’m all caught up.  So, if my math is correct, that means for the next 6 weeks (Oh my God, this will teach me to never miss a posting date again) I will be posting a daily review.

So, dear Readers, please enjoy the reviews and, by all means, if you know of a fan fic that you would like reviewed (good, bad, or horrific) drop a line on the Suggestion page.

Thank you all.

It’s good to be back!

-Fan Fic Reviewer-

Returning to read the good, the bad, and those that should not exist in fan fiction!

The Stalker Review

Title: The Stalker                                                                Author: Lotor Sincline

Original Source: Voltron                                              Character(s): Lotor & Allura

Rating: M                                                                               Genre(s): Humor

Chapter(s): 6                                                                        Status: Complete

Author’s Synopsis: Prince Lotor of Doom gets a taste of his own medicine when he is stalked by the terror of the Denubian Galaxy: Princess Allura from Arus. Not all stalkers have blue skin and pointy ears. Alternate Universe with this one…

*Clutches side.* Oh my God! *Wheezes between laughs while trying to regain the ability to breathe properly.* That…*wheezes*…That’s…hilarious! *Takes several calming breaths.* Okay… Okay, I’m calm. *Wipes a tear away.* Oh God, that’s just too funny.

Welcome Readers, I am your—currently dying of laughter—reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer, reviewing the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction. Through a long and disjointed train of thought I wound up looking up Voltron fan fiction and my favorite will-never-be couple: Prince Lotor of Planet Doom and Princess Allura of Planet Arus. Thus how I ended up stumbling upon this lovely story.

The synopsis provided is essentially the story; in an Alternate Universe, Lotor tries to take over Arus by being cunning and challenging a champion of Arus (Voltron) but instead his plans are thrown into a blender and crushed by Princess Allura. This is a bit of a role reversal type story but not as in “now Lotor is the good guy and Allura and the Voltron boys are evil.” No. No. This is a reversal where Allura pursues Lotor. Oh yes! That’s right, Allura is the aggressor in this scenario and it humorous consequences!

The thing that makes this story so good is that everyone can relate to Lotor either because everyone has been in his position or known someone else to be in his position. What position is that, you ask. Being on the receiving end of a crazy person’s affections. Oh yeah… You know those stories about the crazy girl/boyfriend that calls or texts several times a day with nonsensical messages (“I love you,” “I miss you, hon,” or “why aren’t you calling me back?”), is sexy (physically) but also a nympho and a freak between the sheets (I believe Lotor describes her as a lioness and dominatrix), hacks into the other person’s computer and email, and says—or pretends to be—really stupid to manipulate the other person. Well, that’s Allura in this story and it’s hilarious!

Seriously, the lead up is great because she comes off as sexy and confident, the type of woman who is stunningly beautiful yet has a forwardness about her that lulls the guy into the sense “she’s one of the guys.” Then once she has the guy where she wants him, the restraints snap and suddenly she’s crazy woman spouting plans of marriage, sex, children, and the “couple’s” future together (not necessarily in that order). Oh yeah! It’s great reading that scene because while a part of my brain is telling me “something’s going to happen,” just reading it happen and Lotor’s reaction is priceless! From that point on the craziness just escalates.

Another thing about this story that makes it funny is Lotor and his reactions. See, in this story, Lotor becomes the everyday bachelor type of guy where he’s kind of set in his bachelor ways and is not really looking for anything serious, but he’s not going to say “no” to a good romp with a sexy woman like Allura. Having Lotor take on that role is perfect because it contrasts so well to Allura’s crazy “girlfriend” role and because it’s a relatable role. There are moments in the story where I just felt bad that Lotor got stuck in this tangle with crazy Allura. Especially with the messages and the “phone” conversation he has with Allura. Oh my God, I read that part and about died because I’ve heard friends have those kinds of conversations with their significant others (who I deem as “possessive” and “crazy”).

The verbal cherry to this story is the epilogue. I don’t know quite how Lotor survives without going crazy but he does and has developed some coping mechanisms to help live in this insanity. Oh! I love it! Especially when Lotor talks about his kids (the “hellish spawns”) and the “dirty old bastard,” his dad. It’s just all fitting because given the circumstances of the story there couldn’t be a “happy ending” for Lotor—otherwise, why would the Reader be so amused?

Now, I could point out the lack of involvement from other characters and such, but to be honest this story doesn’t need them since it’s about Lotor being on the receiving end of craziness. So given the circumstances of the story, the lack of other characters is okay. If they had more presence I think it would have just convoluted the story and taken away from the humor.

No, I don’t have anything of significance to point as being weak or a bad point in this story. It’s a well done story that is humorous because anyone can relate to it and because, as people, we love it when these situations happen to other people (even if they’re fictional). This is a well done comedy that is humorous without going way over the top—just going enough that the situation and characters are still funny and a bit zany. And, here’s the kicker, the story can be read by anyone! This story doesn’t require Readers to be fans of Voltron or know anything about the series; to a non-fan the story is simply a sci-fi story of guy meets girl and finds himself waist-deep in crazy. That is awesome!

So, while I doubt that I need to say it, I will. Would I recommend this story? Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a comedic story that can put a smile on anyone’s face and pull a laugh out of them. If this story doesn’t make Readers laugh then I’d say that the humor wave lengths aren’t matching. Also, this story is very Reader friendly to fans and non-fans alike! The characters—particularly Lotor—are relatable and the situation is just so…human that it would be hard to find someone who couldn’t sympathize with the Prince of Doom.

Readers, if you’re ever in need of a laugh (or just a smile) read The Stalker by Lotor Sincline. It’s worth the time.

Stars: 9 of 10

Double Review!

Tonight I have two reviews that I’m going to post because they’re both very brief and the fan fics reviewed were very short as well.  I figured that it would be unfair if I posted only one brief review that is not even half the size of a normal review.  The two fan fics I am reviewing are Dance which is a “Bride and Prejudice” fan fic that takes place post the movie and the other fan fic is Substitution which is a “smut-ish” ficlet for “Bring It On.”