A Valentine’s Quartet Review

Title: A Valentine’s Quartet                                                       Author: The Snappettes

Source: Harry Potter                                                                 Character(s): Severus Snape

Rated: M                                                                                   Genre(s): Drama / Angst

Chapter(s): 4                                                                              Status: Complete

Author’s Synopsis: Four different Valentine’s Days in the life of Severus Snape.

URL: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6743593/1/A-Valentine-s-Quartet


Welcome Readers, did everyone have a good Valentine’s Day?  Today I decided to wade through the Harry Potter fandom.  It’s like a minefield, there’s so many Valentines fics for this franchise.  However, I eventually found one that I thought would be interesting to read and gave a little love to fan favorite, Severus Snape.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.  This one I found to be surprisingly good.  Not that I went into this story with the expectation of it being bad, it just turned out better compared to other Harry Potter stories I’ve read.  Let’s get to the review!

The story is a collection of four one-shots that are connected to one timeline.  Each chapter features a Valentine’s Day where something happens that impacts Severus’ life; bullied at Hogwarts, where Bellatrix’s hatred for him comes from, a student having a crush on him, etc.  The chapters could easily be read as separate one-shots or together; either way works because while they are tied together in terms of occurring in the same timeline but the chapters don’t rely on each other.

Now let’s examine each chapter / one-shot.

The first chapter takes place during Severus’ early years at Hogwarts before Lily and James got together but after Lily befriended Severus.  It’s Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts and Severus is prepared to ignore and avoid as much of the romantic going-ons as possible.  However, this Valentine’s Day Severus receives a Valentine.  I won’t say what happens with the Valentine but I will say that this is a good way to showcase Severus’ attraction to Lily and his contempt for James.

The second chapter takes place during his final year at Hogwarts and he stays the weekend at Lucius Malfoy’s mansion. During the stay Bellatrix tries to seduce him but instead finds out Severus’ true extent as a potions master.  I will not give anything away, but I will say that what Severus does to Bellatrix definitely would earn her ire.

Chapter three happens during The Chamber of Secrets and Severus receives a Valentine from a student.  There’s not much else to it.  There is no confession or confrontation between Snape and his admirer, but Snape does go throughout the day planning his lessons around not making love potions (really, who wants to encourage students to rely on potions for creating emotions?)  Instead, he focuses his lessons on how to cure love potions and similar concoctions.

Finally, chapter four takes place during book seven and Severus finds out that not everyone buys his loyalty to the Deatheaters, so he takes steps to squash those doubts and receives a Valentine howler.

I want to begin by saying that the writing is really good as it molds this version of Snape that could easily fit into the book / movie versions and stand on his own.  It’s a style that isn’t too engaged in the descriptions or looking too deeply into a character’s psyche.  Instead, it’s a style that makes Severus a sympathetic character (not that he already wasn’t) but doesn’t make him out to be the victim.  Some of Snape’s actions are pretty despicable.  The story doesn’t give the impression that Snape’s actions and motivations are “right” or “wrong,” but leaves it up to the Reader if the reasons justifies the means.

I think the only time I had an issue with the story was during chapter two.  I won’t say everything that happens but there is a point where Severus hides in the shadows of Bellatrix’s room and watches the results of his handiwork.  It’s a bit unsettling.  I know that the story constructs the scene less as Snape getting aroused by watching Bellatrix’s suffering but it doesn’t make it feel any less voyeuristic.  To me it was an unsettling part of the story that almost seemed out of place for Snape’s character.

Overall, the story is good.  It’s not amazing and probably won’t be something I come back to, but I certainly don’t regret reading it.  It’s solid.

Would I recommend this story to others?  Yes.  Like I said, the story is solid.  I have no doubt that other Readers will be able to read this story (Harry Potter fans or not) and find a chapter that speaks to them – especially people who have an aversion to Valentine’s Day.  Personally, chapter three was my favorite because of Snape’s choice in lessons and the underlining implications of love potions in the wizarding world.  That’s just me though; I strongly encourage Readers to read this story and find their own favorite chapter.


Stars: 7 / 10


Happy New Year Review

Title: Happy New Year                                                           Author: Kindle-the-Stars

Source: Lizzie Bennet Diaries                                      Character(s): Lizzie B. & Will D.

Rating:  T                                                                             Genre(s):  Romance / Drama

Chapter(s): 1                                                                         Status: Complete

Author’s Synopsis: A Lizzie Bennet Diaries fic – when Lizzie is at Pemberley’s new years party, she and Darcy find themselves alone in his office for the countdown to midnight.



Happy New Year, Readers!!  So long 2017 and welcome 2018!  Let’s make this a better year.

To start this year off, I’m reviewing a New Year’s one-shot.  I was actually looking for Pride and Prejudice fan fiction but I found some Lizzie Bennet Diaries (a web-series that is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice); thus, I was all in.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to read the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.  Welcome to the first day of 2018 and we’re kicking this off with a good one-shot.  I think for this one, I’m just going to free-write this review; no need to make this one very structured.

The story takes place on the very last day of Lizzie’s stay in LA at Pemberley Inc. before Jane makes her aware of what’s happened with Lydia.  At the Pemberley Inc’s New Year’s Eve party Lizzie and Will sneak off to his office to enjoy a glass of scotch.  Over the glass of scotch Will shares with Lizzie a few of the reasons why he’s attracted to her – things that he never mentioned during his confession, per usual.  Then when the countdown occurs the two share a romantic kiss that turns a little steamy but is interrupted by Gigi.

I enjoyed the story for it being a one-shot that could have taken place during the series but never mentioned on the blog – I mean there were other (bigger) things going on like the countdown to George having sex with Lydia and recording it for the world to see.  The story was sweet and added its own flair to the source.  Like the fact that Darcy’s not much of a drink and has an exclusive taste in alcohol, and Darcy opening up about some of the things that attract him to Lizzie.  Things like that help build from the original material.

One of my favorite points in the story was when Lizzie and Will talk about why Will holds an empty beer bottle during the party.  The explanation makes so much sense and it helps shape Will’s character; he carries the bottle around so no one can offer him a drink – it’s foolish to offer someone a drink when they already have a drink.  It also leads into the conversation of Will’s drinking preference while tying back to previous encounters Lizzie and Will have had – him having a micro beer at Carters.  It’s a small thing but it’s a great, natural interaction that expands on the characters while acknowledging previous events.

Now, let’s address the New Year’s kiss scene because – let’s face it – that is the goal of the story.  In some ways it’s pretty cliché but it works with the characters.  Will asking for permission first, the first kiss being chaste – an invitation to more, and Lizzie being the one to initiate the steamier second kiss.  The pacing is just right and the build up is effective; overall, it’s a good scene for the characters and doesn’t try to take it further than necessary.

Gigi’s interruption is a bit cliché too, but it makes sense.  Gigi at least announces her presence a few seconds before appearing in the room – giving Will and Lizzie a little time to react – and her first actions are to wish them both a Happy New Year.  She doesn’t immediately tease them and when she does it’s a light teasing; she doesn’t make the situation awkward.

Overall, this is a cute story and a great way to start off the New Year.  It’s simple yet effective.  It builds onto the characters and the events of the web series without making anything unnecessarily complicated or awkward.  This is a great, effective one shot.  Definitely one I would recommend for Lizzie Bennet Diaries fans.


Stars: 8 / 10

One for Each Night Review

Title: One for Each Night                                                         Author: that dark-haired girl

Source: Harry Potter                                                               Character(s): Various

Rating:  T                                                                               Genre(s): General

Chapter(s): 8                                                                          Status: Complete

Author’s Synopsis:  Or, the Eight Fics of Hanukkah. Multiple pairings, mostly post-war/next-gen. *COMPLETE*



Welcome Readers, we’re 3 days away from Christmas.  Three days.  Now, I have other reasons to be excited about this but it is exciting to be 3 days away from the holiday, to be spending some time with family (even if it’s stressful), and everyone around me is brimming with good cheer for the holidays.  It’s infectious!  However, 3 is also the number of holiday fan fics I get to review before the end of 2017.  I have this review and two others before the end of the year, I’m kind of sad about it.  Yet, I can start prepping for New Years and Valentine’s Day stories.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.  Today I present this collection of one-shots written in response to a Hanukkah / holiday challenge.  Each chapter was written for each night of Hanukkah and each chapter is a one shot with different focuses and different characters.  Since it is a collection of one-shots, I’m going to tackle each chapter individually.


Chapter One

The featured characters are George Weasley and Verity.  George has divorced Angelina and has an unofficial relationship with Verity.  It’s an interesting one-shot because it focuses on Verity’s perspective of this undetermined relationship.  Verity clearly enjoys the relationship with George but is not happy with the unstated status of their relationship – is it okay for George’s daughter to call her “mummy?”, is she expected to join George for Christmas with his family?  These are the typical questions someone in an undefined relationship would wonder; where are the lines?

It’s not exactly a cheery story but it is revealing and filled with the deep conflicting emotions of someone trying to figure out where they stand in the relationship.  There isn’t really a resolution or a confrontation, it’s just left hanging; neither is bad, if anything it helps to convey how Verity feels in the story; unfulfilled.


Chapter Two

This one-shot focuses on Percy and Audrey Davies.  It’s been seven years since Percy lost Penelope and he’s starting to become infatuated with his co-worker Audrey Davies.  It’s something that comes on slowly – noticing her habit of chewing on her lip, noticing her hair, comforting her, having an argument about the War Memorial, etc.  It builds up over time and acuminates with him giving her a Christmas present on Christmas Day and kissing her cheek.

This one shot is about moving on after a loved one’s death and building a beginning with someone new.  It’s not that Percy has forgotten Penelope, Percy actually tries to hold on to things that remind him of Penelope – old photos, a pillow that still has her scent, etc.  Instead, it’s that subconsciously he’s ready to move on romantically, thus his attraction to Audrey.

It’s a sweet one shot.

It also ties back to Chapter One by making mention of George and Verity’s relationship and Percy thinking that it was time for them to make it official.


Chapter Three

This one-shot is on Harry and Ginny after the Battle for Hogwarts.  It’s really brief but it’s a good representation of the mourning and grief felt by those who survived and are celebrated.  It touches on this between status that Harry is constantly caught between – hero yet still a child, celebrated but never sits at the head of the table, recognized but not the real reason people are grateful.  It is this state of limbo piled on by survivor’s guilt that Harry has to overcome.  He finds that he has Ginny beside him when he needs someone.

I’m not a Ginny / Harry fan but the theme of the one shot is thought-provoking and emotional.


Chapter Four

This one shot focuses on Pansy Finch-Fletchley as she has abandoned her pureblood family to marry the mudblood Justin.  It’s a very different perspective because there are signs of Pansy’s upbringing in how she does view herself as superior to others – not Justin – in some ways, but not the need to lord it over them.  Plus, there is the changes in her lifestyle that she has accepted and adopted – cut off from her family, going to market for food, etc.

Most of the chapter follows Pansy during the holiday season as she’s pregnant – fairly quiet – but it picks up when she and Justin attend a holiday party hosted by Asteria.  At the party, Pansy is confronted by her younger brother Arden who disparages and shames her for turning her back on her pureblood lineage to marry Justin.  Despite their familial ties, he verbally abuses her until Justin steps in to defend her.  Arden tries to goad Justin into attacking him with magic and see how many of the guests would side with a mudblood over a pureblood.

This chapter is gut wrenching as Pansy realizes how much she has lost by choosing love over her family.  She had been able to protect herself under the illusion that her brother would still hold on to his brotherly affections for her, but those illusions are crushed at Asteria’s party.

Still, despite the low point of the chapter, it ends with optimistically with Justin seeing to his wife and taking her home.


Chapter Five

This is one of the few non-linear chapters.  This one has less of a focus but instead show snippets of a holiday night.  One snippet is Luna Potter recollecting a moment when she snogged Scorpius Malfoy and wonders if he thinks back on the kiss like she does.  Another snippet is Victoire Weasley worrying about the possibility of her being a squib since her powers had yet to manifest.  The last snippet is Neville Longbottom knocking back drinks while waiting for his girlfriend at the Leaky Cauldron; during his wait, he makes conversation with the barmaid – Hannah Abbott – and he starts to build an attraction to her that he passes as “just the drink.”

This chapter is okay.  The parts are okay but they don’t really link so they feel disjointed.  I enjoyed the Neville portion more, even if it ended unsatisfactorily.


Chapter Six

This chapter focuses on Hermione and Ron’s relationship.  It’s less of an actual story and more of an examination of their relationship and how even if no one else gets how it works, it fits for them.

It serves as a good argument to anti- Hermione / Ron fans (me!) by essentially saying, “It doesn’t have to make sense to you, it works for the characters.”

There isn’t much else to the chapter.


Chapter Seven

This is the other non-linear written chapter.  Everything takes place at the same party but the perspectives change.  First is Faolan and Lily’s interaction where Faolan begins to feel an attraction to the girl that is not his girlfriend.  Second is Theresa and James where James menacingly glares at Scorpius Malfoy until he stops dancing with Theresa and Theresa goes outside with James to enjoy the fresh air and snow.  Finally, is the interaction between Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley where Rose “saves” Scorpius from Theresa and Scorpius tries to suppress his attraction to Rose.

This chapter is better at tying in these three parts together as the interactions clearly interact and intersect.  There isn’t much of a resolution for most of the parts (James and Theresa have a resolution) but there is the start of conflict and possible love conflicts between Faolan, Rose, Scorpius, and Lily.  It’s an okay chapter but nearly as impactful as some of the others.


Chapter Eight

Like chapter two with Percy and Audrey, this is another one-shot that is about building a new relationship only now it’s with a dead lover’s twin.  Anthony Goldstein visits the War Memorial and makes a stop by the Leaky Cauldron for drinks where he meets Parvati Patil.  Nothing actually happens…almost, but Anthony kills the mood when he calls her “Padma.”  Afterwards, Anthony and Parvati start over; start small.

First it’s exchanging owls, then a dinner at a pub, eventually Parvati joins Anthony and his family for Hanukkah, and in the end Anthony kisses Parvati.  Nothing further but the beginning suggests that the relationship continued to develop to the point where they’re getting married.

This is another really good chapter that focuses on grief and moving on.  Anthony keeps drawing comparisons between Parvati and Padma until he recognizes that he – in the present – wants Parvati, not the what-if future that can’t happen with Padma.  Parvati also comes to terms with being the surviving twin when Anthony’s grandma opens up about her own story of losing her twin during World War II.

This is a chapter that has some hard hitting emotional moments but it ends optimistically; it leaves the impression that everything was going to be okay and these characters were moving on, not allowing their grief to hold them back.



Overall, this collection of one shots were interesting to read.  I liked the fact that most of the chapters focused on different characters and a lot of them were side characters or ones that were only mentioned in the epilogue.  It was refreshing.

I also liked the fact that even though each chapter did take place during the holidays, it didn’t strictly focus on the cheers of the holiday but on the emotional grief and frustrations individuals can go through during these times.  It made these stories impactful, especially when it ended on an optimistic note.  It’s a reminder that even in the most joyous times people can feel the worst, but those feelings won’t last forever eventually everything will be okay again; different, but okay.

Would I recommend this story?  Yeah.  I think the various characters and various one-shots will provide an interest to almost any taste.  I think some of these one-shots can also provide springboards for brainstorming new stories, new plots.  So, yes, I would highly recommend this story to Readers.


Stars: 8.5 / 10

George vs. the Dragon Review

Title:  George vs. the Dragon                                 Author: Galaxy1001D

Source: King Arthur (Legend)                               Character(s): George, Merlin, King Arthur

Rating:  K+                                                          Genre(s): Humor / Romance

Chapter(s): 1                                                        Status: Complete

Author’s Synopsis: In King Arthur’s Camelot, young Squire George must find a magic ring to stop a dragon from terrorizing England, but finds out the hard way that a dragon has no fury like a woman scorned.



Welcome Readers, we’re closing out another week and this time I wanted to end it on a high note.  I found this story a while back, saved it, then read it after seeing the new King Arthur movie, “Arthur: The Legend of the Sword.”  Seeing the movie made me want to read some stories based on Arthurian legend and I came across this one in my collection to read and review.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.

The synopsis is actually pretty accurate; this is a retelling of the George slaying the dragon.  The dragon Goldenfire has turned its back on the people of England due to an enchanted artifact from Morgan Le Fey.  The artifact causes the dragon’s moral alignment to make a 180°, thus the dragon kidnaps maidens and terrorizes the countryside.  Now the only way to return Goldenfire to its former glory is to put the Ring of Matrimonial Bliss on it.  Squire George volunteers for this venture as it’s the only way he will be pardoned for his less than moral behavior.

It’s a clever, entertaining story that knew its source material and its strengths, playing certain aspects up a bit more than others and making nods when appropriate.  It’s a nice balance.

Whenever I come across a retelling of Arthurian myth (part or whole), I normally expect a dark, grittier version – like the latest trend in Hollywood.  I don’t expect the story to be light hearted and fun, but this story defies my expectations.  This is less of a dark Hollywood story and more like the ‘90s Saturday morning cartoon adventures – with some adult humor.

For instance, on the one hand there’s Merlin’s behavior during the initial meeting where he’s an elder(ish) man caught up in what he sees in his crystal ball then a bit clumsy as he comes out of his trance.  On the other hand, there’s Queen Guinevere who in an almost air-headed way mentions how George has been peeking in on her while she and several other maids undress.  There are just little subtlies like those that give the story it’s comedic, light-hearted feel yet adds a bit of tongue in cheek with the hint of voyeurism.  I enjoyed the combination.  It made the story more enjoyable.

Another strength, is the story’s sense for the source material.  Even people who have never read a single King Arthur book or seen one of the movies knows King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and Merlin; but those same people wouldn’t know Sir Kay, Sir Gawaine, Sir Tristram, Gareth of Orkeny, Sir Hector, or Sir Alisander.  There are so many characters in the Arthurian myth and this story takes the time to recognize it.

The begin is a meeting of The Knights of the Roundtable as they discuss the crisis and plan their counterattack on Goldenfire; the meeting isn’t just King Arthur and Merlin speaking, all the knights engage in the discussion.  This isn’t engage like “Oh my” quips but actual sentences expressing concerns and strategic thoughts.  While the number of lines might be small each line is not wasted; each utterance by the Knights gives a brief glimpse into who that knight is and their personality.  I applaud the effort the story put into including so many characters without making them feel like furniture – there to fill space.

Finally, the twist.  This would by an M. Night Shyamalan type twist if Shyamalan could do lighthearted.  I don’t want to give it away so I won’t say what the twist entails.  I, however, give credit on it being simple and fun.  Karma comes full circle. In this one.

Normally, I’d point out how the 2D characters bring down the story but I can’t with this story.  It’s a shorter story so there’s less growth and time to spend with the characters.  Plus, in the older Arthurian stories the focus is less on the characters and more on the adventure.  This story reflects that mentality by focusing on the task to defeat Goldenfire rather than on who George is as a character.

Even so, the story does a good job of establishing the type of persona the characters are meant to personify.  Lancelot is the brash warrior with more brawn than brains, Arthur is the judicious ruler, Merlin the knowledgeable wizard, Guinevere is the compassionate, ignorant queen, and George is the hormonal bachelor.  The story gives Readers enough information to develop an opinion and enough to figure out how the ending affects them.

In the end, anything I would gripe about isn’t an issue with this story.  So, there’s nothing really wrong with this story, it’s a delightful retelling.

I would recommend this to any Reader, whether you are a fan of Arthurian legends or just a fan of fan fiction.  It’s a fun story that doesn’t require much Arthurian knowledge before reading and while such knowledge helps with the tongue-in-cheek references, it’s not required.  This is just a fun story about a young Squire sent to neutralize the dragon threat.

Personally, I hope to find more stories like this one by Galaxy1001D in the future.


Stars: 8.5/10

Hope Floats Review

Title: Hope Floats                                                          Author: Femme Malheureuse

Source: Pride & Prejudice                                         Genres: NA

Character(s): Caroline Bingley, Louisa Hurst, Darcy           Rating: NA

Chapter(s): 1                                                           Status: Complete

Synopsis: Her petticoat six inches deep in much, and the gown which had been let down to hide it not doing its office.  Yet Mr. Darcy could only note the frowsy country chit’s ‘brightened eyes.’  What’s a girl to do to focus Mr. Darcy’s attention where it really belongs?



Welcome Readers, today I present to you a Pride & Prejudice fan fic of a different sort.  Normally I tend to read the alternate universe or a retelling from Darcy or Bingley’s view, but this time I figured I’d give Caroline Bingley some love.  I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.

This is not what I was expecting and I think the story kind of pulled a “psych!” on me about half way through.  See, I thought this was going to be a one-shot tie-in to the novel where Caroline deludes herself into thinking that somehow she has a chance with Darcy.  With how the story builds up I thought the author was going to make use of the scene from the novel where Caroline and Darcy are out walking and come upon Louisa and Elizabeth.  It’s a small scene that closes chapter 10 of the novel and it’s ignored in every other iteration so I thought the story was going to use that set up and give it some sort of twist that gives Caroline hope that Darcy might be interested in her.  Alas, that is not the case.

What the story entails is: Elizabeth comes to Netherfield to care for her ill sister.  The Bingley sisters notice how Darcy’s attentions turn to the country girl and start to plan how to redirect his attention to Caroline.  At Louisa’s urging, Caroline learns the walking path Elizabeth prefers to walk and follows Elizabeth the next morning.  The plan was to avoid Elizabeth and Darcy meeting each other, alone, and to make Darcy notice Caroline’s eyes that would “brightened by the exercise.”  However, the walk does not go as planned.

That’s the brief version of the story.  I don’t want to give away the twist so I’m stopping here with the synopsis.  However, there is more involved.

This story is less about how “Hope Floats” and more about how a series of unfortunate events builds bridges between two (three) families.  It’s really a story where the original ending happens a lot sooner than in the original novel.  That’s all.

I’m not a fan of stories likes this where things are altered just to bring about the ending sooner.  I don’t mind it when the fan fic makes the original story longer, I just hate it when it cuts it short.  This is a personal gripe and it comes from the fact that everything that happens in Pride & Prejudice needs that year; the character growth, the romance, etc.  All of that needed that year to really grow and endure.  So when a fan fic tries to shorten that journey and bring the ending around a lot closer, it feels hollow.  After all, the characters don’t evolve since the situations that contributed to their evolution do not take place and the foundations for the romance are weakened.

I’m just saying in the original novel Bingley is still in love with Jane after being apart for 9 months, Darcy’s love for Elizabeth not only endures but evolves, Elizabeth recognizes her flaws and mistakes, Darcy is shown the error of his ways (no, he wasn’t just shy!  Read the damn book.), and Mr. Bennet learns the results of taking the hands off approach to raising 5 girls.  All these things get thrown out the window when a fan fic shortens the story and ends it prematurely.

Again, that is a personal gripe.  For other people, this may not be an issue.

The meat of the story with Caroline trying to regain Darcy’s attention is fine in theory but it’s implemented poorly.  She fails but it’s not in the way that Readers would think, and the twist ruins any future attempts to sway Darcy.

I would have liked this story better if it had been written differently.  If it had been about “Hope Floats” – such a misleading title – and Caroline’s attempts to gain Darcy’s affections.  As it is there is nothing wrong with the writing, just the story itself.  It’s not even the story itself – at least not entirely – it’s how this story is paired with the title “Hope Floats” and the synopsis, because those two parts do not connect to what the story contains.  A different title and synopsis that reflected the actual story would make it better; or, at least not make it feel like I just got swerved.

My recommendation is…I guess check it out.  The story itself isn’t so bad other than my personal gripe and that it has nothing to do with the title or synopsis.  Other than that, the story is fine.  It’s written well and is entertaining (to an extent).  So…yeah, if any Austen fan is interested in checking out the story they should.

On a personal level, I think a story about Caroline’s attempts to sway Darcy would be interesting to read, especially if it was written as a comedy.  This story just isn’t what I was looking for in a Caroline-centric story.


Stars: 5/10