In the Silence Review

Title: In the Silence                                                                                                 Author: InoFan

Original Source: Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing                                            Character(s): Wufei Chang & Relena Peacecraft

Rating:  M                                                                                                                   Genre(s): Romance & Drama

Chapter(s): 10                                                                                                           Status: Complete

Author Synopsis: 5xRelena. Wufei and Relena are at odds, but they might discover something together neither of them has ever had.

Welcome one and all! This is the Fan Fic Reviewer, reviewing the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction. This time around I returned to my roots within the Gundam universe and found this story that features a couple whom I have never considered, Wufei Chang and Relena Darlian. Honestly, this coupling never entered my imaginings and apparently only a handful of people have ever considered these two characters as a potential couple. It’s not like they interact a lot during the series (if at all) and if they came to know each other post the series and movie then it would probably have been on professional terms, so the idea just never occurred to me. Thankfully, it occurred to InuFan and thus why I was able to read In the Silence.

The basic premise of the story is, a traumatic event happens during an escort mission that establishes a bond between Wufei and Relena that opens that door into the realm of romantic possibilities but there are internal shadows that hold one of them back. *Pauses and rereads sentence.* I know I’m making it very vague and actually I can picture several different stories arising from that description but I’m trying to avoid spoilers. On to the meat of this review!

This story has many good points so I guess I’ll start with the basics. The formatting is excellent and makes it very Reader-friendly, spelling and grammar are great (nothing too bothersome). I know that these are basics but it really helps me when I’m reading a story then I can concentrate on the plot and characters rather than being distracted by the constant misuses of commas, quotes, periods, lack of spaces between words, misspellings, etc. Those things distract me after a while and make me nit-pick a lot more than normal.

Another thing this story does very well is the characterization of Relena and Wufei. I realize that fans know these characters from the manga and the anime, but since the story takes place years after the events of Endless Waltz the story had to expand and restructure the characters a bit to make up for the passage of time and maturity that (usually) occurs with people as they gain more life experiences. So, the Relena in the story is the overdramatic, strict pacifist, stalker—NOTE: That was never my impression of her from the series but other fans would disagree—and instead she’s a self-possessed woman who recognizes her strengths and weaknesses, and strives to be independent. This is a version of Relena that I love and I think is among the most realistic. Wufei on the other hand is a minimalist who does stray outside the realm of work and does not seek out the attentions of other people.

I like the reboot of these characters and I like how the character development is handled in the story. It’s not just a long exposition as to who the characters are in the story versus how they were in the manga/anime. Instead bits and pieces are dropped here and there throughout the story, providing another piece to the puzzle and a bit more insight. It’s spaced out so well that I don’t feel overwhelmed with the details or lost due to a lack of detail. There’s a nice balance!

Another thing this story does well is keeping a relatively even pace. The event flow from one into the next with ease and I don’t get the feeling that things happen too fast or slow. Even the chemistry between Wufei and Relena actually fits which is weird because typically when stories try to pull what In the Silence pulls with the romance, I call BS on the romance. In this story it fits and I think I know why. The biggest difference between the romance in this story versus other stories is that neither Relena nor Wufei say that they “love” each other. It’s attraction, infatuation, lust, and any other synonym. It’s never called anything more than that, yet the story suggests that perhaps in the future it could grow into love. *Applauds.* I can get behind this kind of a romance!

See, when other romances do the same thing and attach the word “love” to the romance then I take great issue with the story and tear down the romance from the status of “love” to “lust.” It bothers me when stories use the word “love” when clearly the relationship is not based upon “love” but rather sexual desires or attraction built upon a common interest. When I read those romances I get pissed and I typically write off the author as a teen whose only experience with love has been a boyfriend of 3 months or teen-romance movies. In the Silence depicts a very adult (not necessarily sexual) relationship between the characters where it starts as attraction and has the potential to become something more. I love it!

Then there’s the sexual tension. Some stories don’t build sexual tension quite right. Sure stories provide the sexual tension moments where someone’s up against a wall, someone’s wet from something or other (rain, shower, whatever else), someone gets pinned to the floor, and so on. What those stories fail to do is provide this sexual tension where one or both characters are actively trying to maintain control and say “no” to urges. It’s the whole carrot and stick method. In the Silence does this well with the sexual tension between Wufei and Relena. There is enough that happens (or suggested to happen) to keep the Reader on edge with bated breath with each encounter.

Going along with the sexual tension build, a lot of stories will have the tension explode into a wild sex scene. Not this story! There is a sex scene but it’s elegantly written (it’s like watching a tastefully filmed sex scene in a movie), and it’s not all passionate kisses, roaming hands, fumbling fingers, and cries of “harder.” No, the sex scene is actually more relaxed. In fact, it really shows that these two characters aren’t just striving to reach their climax and the ecstasy that comes with it, but they are attempting to make it more…intimate and personal. *Pauses.* Those may not be the right words for what I’m trying to describe but they’ll have to do.

Finally, the story closed on a realistic note that was also very optimistic. It has this tone of contentment that I don’t read often in other stories and I’m pleasantly surprised to read in this story. Seriously, the ending is exactly what it should be given the mature relationship the story builds. I love the ending and it certainly brought a smile to my features.

From beginning to end In the Silence hits all the right notes and really convinced me that this odd couple could actually be a legitimate couple under the right circumstances. I hope that I can find more stories like this one in the future.

Would I recommend In the Silence? I think the obvious answer is, yes! I highly recommend this story, even if you know very little or nothing of Gundam Wing. It’s a well written romance that snatches the Reader’s attention and keeps it throughout the story.

Stars: 10/10



I will not be posting a review this Friday (February 14, 2014).  Not because it’s Valentine’s Day but because I’ll be away at a convention and will not have access to a computer for 3 days.  I will resume regular postings on Monday, February 17th.


Welcome Reader, I am the Fan Fic Reviewer and this is the kick-off to my fan fiction review blog!  *Confetti* I’m excited about this because it’s been over 18 months in the making.

So let’s get started with some brief introductions, I am your reviewing host and I will be reviewing the good, the bad, and the ones that should never exist within the world of fan fiction.   I have been an avid fan of fan fiction for about a decade now (might be more) – whenever my family got our first computer with internet – and I have decided to jump on the online reviewing bandwagon.

Why fan fiction?  Because while I read books, comic books, manga, and watch anime, movies, TV-shows, and play video games, there are plenty of other people out there who review them and do a great job at it.  Plus, I want to give recognition to the fans, such as myself, who may only ever publish their stories through a fan website.   It kind of helps that fan fiction is ever growing and easy to access so I don’t need to torrent anything or wait for release dates to review them.

What will I be reviewing?  Anything and everything that’s a fan fic.  Seriously, nothing is off-limits!  There is no such thing as a no-go zone with ratings, content, source, characters, etc.  Everything is fair game!  Why?  Well, why should I restrict what I review when I don’t restrict what I read?  If Readers have suggestions (good, bad, or “oh my God, why did I read that?”) of fics for me to review, they are welcome.  Just leave a comment with the Title, Original Source, and URL.

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Will I review my own fan fiction?  No.  I cannot objectively review my own fan fiction.  It’s less that if I were to review my own fan fiction that they would get 10/10 stars and glowing reviews but more that I’d be so highly-critical of my own work that I would tear it to shreds then feel that I should just delete those stories and never look at them again.  It wouldn’t matter if they were decent or redeemable stories either.  So I will never review my own fan fiction.

Why not start a Youtube Channel to do the reviews?  I’m not photogenic.  Okay, that’s not the truth, I don’t know how photogenic I am or not.  The reason why I’m typing reviews rather than filming reviews is in part that I express myself better through writing and because fan fiction is reading which is not conducive to filming.  I don’t know how interesting I can make a review by sitting in front of a camera and spouting my opinions to a camera without having cinematic or music to clip to for examples.  So, the short answer is this: In my mind, the only way to review writing is through writing.  Sure I’ll include images of the actual text with all my markings and comments, but that’s probably the most elaborate my reviews will ever get.

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