Cobwebs and Gears Review

Title: Cobwebs and Gears                                          Author: FlameWolf

Source: Five Nights at Freddy’s                                Character(s): OCs, Animatronics, Scott, & Fitz

Rating: R                                                                 Genre(s): Abuse, Angst, MCD, MiCD

Chapter(s): 6                                                           Status: On-Going

Author’s Synopsis:  Rose has been working for the Fredbear Franchise for longer than she could remember. She has seen things that many would find hard to believe, even discovering that the animatronics she cherished are alive. Things only get scary when a new person joins day security. Soon her friends are acting almost dangerous and she finds herself wondering if there’s a connection to the new guy. If she doesn’t find out the answers soon, she may end up as another victim.


Welcome Readers!  So, it took me a bit to find something to review.  I looked at the lists of “Plan to Read” and “To Review” and nothing stuck out to me.  In fact, I looked at what I had readily available to read or review and thought, “Man, I really need a change of pace.”  Almost everything I had available was: Dragon Age, Ranma ½, Labrynth, MirrorMask, Gundam Wing, or X-Men (comics, movie, and cartoons).  It kind of felt like I returning the same fandoms to review!  So, I decided to take some time and find something that was not one of my normal fandoms, something different.  Thus, I ended up at checking out their Misc. Video Games catalog.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.  Today I went into the world of FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) to find what is probably the tamest story I’ve ever come across on  Like I’m familiar with the FNAF franchise and lore; I’m also familiar with how horrible some stories can be when the fandom begs for fetish fiction.  However, I apparently lucked out and found something that doesn’t involve animatronic sex, torture, or sadism.

The synopsis above is pretty accurate for what the story entails.  I’m just going to include a few other tidbits.  This story does not directly follow FNAF lore; it uses key events and characters but does not constrain itself to the lore from the video games or that’s being developed in the books.  I feel this is an important detail because during the 6 chapters (thus far) there are events that line up with the games but are tweaked just enough to make them not fit.  Anyone who started reading this story thinking it was going to follow the lore and add to it would be a bit disappointed or turned off.

Personally, I find that the story not adhering to the lore is great.  I think there’s enough nods to the original lore to recognize when and where events line up, but enough of it is changed to make this a completely new story.  For instance, in this story the animatronics weren’t made by William Afton (at least not the originals), instead they were made but previous owner of Faz Bear’s Family Diner (an original character that is deceased by the start of the story) and the current owner has bought updated versions (like the ones from FNAF 2) from a third party manufacturer.  Things like that are great because as the story progresses the Reader has to wonder if the animatronics had souls before the children’s bodies were put inside them.  Things like that make me enjoy alternate lore so much.

Another touch that I like that is non-canon is that Foxy is a re-design / updated version of a previous animatronic called Fritz that was decommissioned prior to the story.  The rest of Fritz is left to rust away in the back until later in the story as our protagonist tries her best to put him back in working order – essentially making Mangle.  That’s cool to me!  That’s a cool spin on the lore!  Mangle came before Foxy and is the result of odd parts because Foxy is currently using those parts.

In this re-imagining I like that the animatronics are seen interacting with people of all ages throughout the day.  They clearly have special guidelines to make them partial to children and wanting to see to the kids’ happiness and safety.  However, towards adults the animatronics are limited to how they can respond.  For instance, the animatronics never behave hostile towards the adult guests or workers – although they will stare at the new security guard.  It’s never anything that would cause the customers or workers to think anything was “wrong” but it’s enough to create a sense of paranoia and fear in the employees.

At night, the animatronics don’t go charging down the halls trying to get to the night shift guard or attacking the employees in general.   However, they do make a couple of frightening visits to the homes of a couple employees and help Rose repair their fallen comrades.  The most hostile animatronics come after the bite of 1983 – FNAF 4 – and the first murder victim that became the puppet.  Once these two events occur the unease that the animatronics created increased and changed to terror.

Speaking of the terror, there are a few jump scare moments done to the characters but Readers won’t have those same experiences.  The real horror in this story comes from the environment and the character Rose as she experiences these unsettling sights, describes her own unease and what creates it, and the Reader’s own knowledge of what’s about to happen.  It’s unsettling how something that a child sees as a “friend” – like Springtrap – interacts with the children during the day then invites one child to stay after closing for a “special game.”

For instance, there’s one scene where I almost jump scared myself.  The story was from the first victim’s view and he was playing hide and seek in the diner after hours when suddenly Springtraps head pops up where the kid is hiding.  Spoiler!  Nothing actually happens at that moment, but because I was expecting the worst and I know that the child dies somehow, I worked myself up enough to become fearful for the child.  It is this sense of anxiety and fear that this story builds, and I appreciate it.  This is a great way to encapsulate the feeling of horror in a story about these living animatronics.

I’ve praised the story in all the ways that I can without spoiling much.  Where could it improve?  Currently, I don’t think there’s much to improve upon.  The story is doing such a great job of crafting this alternate telling and providing original characters that have their own background and personalities that it all fits seamlessly into the FNAF lore.  Sure there are a few grammar mistakes but those are pebbles against this mountain.  I think where this story going and how it’s been crafted is perfect for it.

Now, I will touch on a few things that I am looking forward to actually seeing in this story in the future.  I hope to see or hear about Sister Location at some point; I don’t think this story can ignore the animatronics at Sister Location and I think that the dark entities of the animatronics from Sister Location would help fuel the terror being created by the Puppet and the shadow animatronics.  I am looking forward to a point where Rose and maybe Scott – the night shift guard – have to barricade themselves in the guard room and survive the night.  I kind of want to see some of the games from Freddy’s Pizzeria make a showing.  Some of the Easter Eggs from those games would be frightening for Rose to discover.

The story is still going and I look forward to reading more.

I highly recommend this story whether you’re a FNAF fan or not.  It does not require knowledge about the lore – but it helps – making it friendly to Readers who might be new to the franchise.  The story stirs up enough fear and paranoia in the Reader to give that taste of fear without leaving the Reader scarred.  Personally, I read this at night and I had to close the curtains because it created a sense of paranoia in me that I became spooked by the idea of something being outside my window.  Now, if that’s a bit much then read the story during the day hours; either way, read it.


Stars: 10 / 10


Portal: First Christmas Review

Title:  Portal: First Christmas                                                 Author: Indiana

Source: Portal & Portal 2                                                        Character(s): GLaDOS & Chell

Rating:  K                                                                             Genre(s):  Parody / Humor

Chapter(s):  4                                                                       Status:  Complete

Author’s Synopsis: Christmas is coming! Oh noes!


Ladies and Gentleman – or in this case, test subjects – I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.  It’s December!  That means there’s a lot of holiday (mostly Christmas) fan fiction out there for me to feast upon.  Not all of them will be good; some will be rotten but I’m sure to find a couple of delicacies this year.  I have several holiday fan fics lined up to review.  We’re starting with a bit of dark humor with a Portal fan fic.

The author’s synopsis does nothing to describe the story, so I’ll provide my own summary.  Christmas is approaching and Chell is having difficulties finding the perfect gift for GLaDOS.  What do you get a supercomputer?

Now that we’re all the same page, the story builds after the events of Portal 2 but instead of Chell leaving the lab for the great unknown, she camps outside the lab until GLaDOS offers her shelter.  GLaDOS becomes Chell’s companion, janitor, chef, and sex slave now that she has – I’m quoting the story here – “super realer-than-realistic hyper hyper realistic android” body.  Some of the elements of this post-Portal 2 world make sense – why wouldn’t GLaDOS have an android body that she could move herself into? – but there are other elements that make absolutely no sense.  For instance, why does GLaDOS know how to cook?  Where does that food come from?  Why is Chell okay with all of this?

The story brushes a lot of explanation aside with things of “plot convenience,” “science,” and how Chell has forgiven GLaDOS’ homicidal tendencies because GLaDOS saved her life and thus couldn’t be “bad.” On the one hand, those explanations are within the Portal humor but on the other hand it feels so out of place.  It’s been a while since I last played Portal but I remember GLaDOS rubbing things into Chell’s face and tossing insults – non-affectionate ones – at the test subject.  These “explanations” just feel a bit out of place and not nearly as funny as the game’s content.

The biggest grievance I have with the story is Chell’s characterization.  I have zero qualms about how much sex Chell and GLaDOS are implied to have, but I take issue with how dependent Chell is on GLaDOS.  GLaDOS does all the cleaning, cooking, and general providing while Chell gets to act like a petulant child.  There are instances in the story where Chell purposely throws a fit so that GLaDOS will comfort her.  Then there are the times where Chell purposely cries and withholds information – like her frustration in being unable to find a present for GLaDOS – just so GLaDOS will spend time with her and assure her that Chell is perfect as she and GLaDOS will always love her.  This clingy, overly dependent version of Chell is so unlike the character from the games and comics that it’s hard to reconcile the two.

Personally, I think the story could’ve still had Chell be dependent on GLaDOS for everything but instead of it being because Chell doesn’t want to be independent have it be that GLaDOS (subtly) refuses to let Chell become independent.  Having this forced dependency would make this already abusive relationship darker without totally demolishing Chell’s character.

Alright, so the shining light of this story is the end.  Thank God, the story played out as I hoped because if that twist never happened then I would write this story off as a complete waste of digital space.  However, the twist at the end kind of makes the crappy lead up worth it.  I won’t say what happens, but it is by far the most Portal-like thing to occur.

In the end, would I recommend the story?  Not really.  Not as a Portal fan fic or a Christmas story.  It doesn’t truly provide much story, depth, or new insight to the Portal world.  It is just an excuse to give GLaDOS a humanoid form and for Chell and GLaDOS to have sex.  *Shrug* Nothing much.  I’m sure there is a niche for this story but I’m definitely not in that group.


Stars: 3/10

Battlements Interlude Review

Title: Battlements Interlude                                      Author:  Ellana-san

Source: Dragon Age: Inquisition                                Character(s): Varric T. & Cassandra P.

Genre: Friendship / Romance                                    Rating: K

Chapter(s): 1                                                            Status: Complete

Author’s Synopsis: Talk to Cassandra. Easier said than done, really. Varric grumbled under his breath all the way up the stairs that led to the battlements, reviewing every insult he wanted to hurl at the Seeker’s head. He doubted that was what Lavellan had in mind when he had told him – ordered him – to have a proper conversation with the Seeker now that she had calmed down. He also doubted she had.
I can already hear the groans; “Another Dragon Age story?  Don’t you read anything else?”  Which, yes, I do read other fandoms.  I just happen to bounce frequently back to fandoms that are tried and true for me – not necessarily that they give me good stories to read, just that they pique my interest enough to get me to click on the story.  I only go outside my comfort zone on rare occasions and at people’s requests.  Seeing as there are no requests, I’m returning to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.  Today I bring you my first Varric x Cassandra romance(ish) story.  The story is about Varric and Cassandra making up after the fight when Cassandra found out that Varric had known all along where to find Hawke.  It is a bit awkward, sweet, and to the point; much like the interactions between the two characters.

The awkwardness of the story is not in how it’s written but in the characters’ interactions.  Varric and Cassandra share the same space for a good portion of the story yet remain silent.  They’re not silently enjoying each other’s company but rather waiting for someone to make the first move when neither knows how to approach the conversation.  How the story writes the scene conveys the awkwardness both characters must feel during the scene; Varric because he doesn’t know if he should even be talking to Cassandra and his own undefined feelings for her.  Cassandra…is never explored but that’s to be expected because the story doesn’t follow her, it follows Varric; so Readers are only privileged to Varric’s feelings and intentions.

The relationship between Varric and Cassandra is sweet.  It’s not toothache inducing sweet or out of character.  The relationship is in line with the game, they argue / tease but now there is this moment of tenderness where Cassandra acknowledges Varric to be right and Varric opens up that he has her back.  Combined with the hints that Varric might hold romantic feelings for Cassandra makes the exchange sweet and Varric’s personal struggles endearing.

Finally, the story is brief.  This is a short one-shot but it is loaded with potential.  Not potential in that it should continue to be a longer story but rather potential in how to interpret the characters’ interactions in the game.  Were Varric and Cassandra’s exchanges truly filled with bite or did it become more teasing?  Is Varric’s past with Bianca truly as strong to keep him from falling for someone else?  Is Cassandra as hard as she comes off?  Well, as someone who romanced Cassandra, I know the answer is no, but this story shows the possibility of others (Varric) getting to see her walls come down.  There is so much potential presented in such a short amount of time.  Then the actual exchange of words between Varric and Cassandra is short too.  It’s brief and to the point.  There is no struggles for a confession or declaration of love, it’s just too characters apologizing in their own ways, explaining why they reacted the way they did, and assuring each other that they’re in this together.  No finery; no unnecessary analysis.

There isn’t much to analyze for this story and while I can’t say that it would hold a candle to any lengthy epic stories or a full romance, it certainly holds a certain charm for showcasing this off-screen scene and coming at it from the angle of a Varric that is starting to fall for Cassandra.  The possibilities and it’s unusual pairing make the story stand out.

I will say that a small part of me is disappointed that there is not a solid romantic interaction between the two characters, overall, I enjoyed the story.  I enjoyed having Varric begin to acknowledge that maybe he no longer dislikes the Seeker and maybe he’s emotionally cheating on Bianca, and I’m not sorry that those things are not resolved by the end.  Instead, they remain open for a future date and what is resolved is Varric and Cassandra putting to bed their argument and Varric’s loyalties.

Would I recommend this one-shot?  Yes.  If for no other reason than that it is the closest I’ve seen to a Varric x Cassandra romance.  The writing is solid and the story did not need to make either character OOC (out of character) in order to make the budding romance believable.

I am hoping to find more fan fiction featuring these two characters as a potential couple in the future.  They would quickly become one of my favorite pairings to read.


Stars: 8.5/10

Intricate Relations Review

Title: Intricate Relations                                   Author: Teagarden

Source: Brothers x Conflict                               Characters: Ema H. & All Asahina Brothers

Genre(s): Drama / Romance                              Rating: T

Chapter(s): 36                                                  Status: Complete

Author’s Synopsis: Ema Hinata joins the Asahina family at age eleven. As Ema grows she offers the brothers support in their dreams, care when they’re down, and cheering when they succeed. The brothers all come to adore Ema, but as time goes on they have to ask themselves: do they love her as their stepsister, or as a woman?


Welcome Readers, I felt like I was on a movie kick with my reviews lately and I needed to change things up.  So, I returned to a story a found a couple of months ago when I was on a Brothers x Conflict binge.  It was one of the few stories I found that featured the series’ focal character, Ema, and the multitudes of stepbrothers rather than on just one or two brothers; so, it caught my attention.  Now, after reading this story twice I can properly give it a review that it deserves.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your reviewing host, the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.  Today we are entering the world of harem fan fiction – well, reverse harem fan fiction – with “Intricate Relations.”

For those who may have never heard of Brothers x Conflict it is an Otome game, there are manga and light novels available, and an anime.  The premise is that Ema Hinata an only child of a world renowned adventurer, she gains 13 stepbrothers when her father remarries.  Ema begins living with her stepbrothers and over the course of the game, novel, manga, and anime several (all 13) of the brothers come to feel romantic feelings for Emi and vie for her heart.

That is not a typo, there are 13 potential guys for this girl.  Well, 12 in this story because the story didn’t bother with the youngest (thankfully) who is 10 in the anime (13 in Season 2 of the novels).  Still, that is 12 guys to juggle and build potential relationships with in the story.  It’s hard work and the story puts in an admirable effort, however it still has its flaws.  Let’s start there, with the balance of these 12 suitors and their quest for Ema’s affections.

This story was not a slouch in how it handled the brothers.  The brothers each made a different impact on Ema and had their moments with her, and while the balance was pretty well maintained there were still some characters who ended up falling to the way side during the course of the story.  Hikaru didn’t get much of an opportunity to try his luck at Ema’s heart due to the fact that the character moved out of the country and was mostly kept out of the picture; in the end, he became the voice of wisdom to Ema.  Not a bad change.  Iori suffered though.  His potential romance was built as strictly one-sided and his sudden departure then return left no room for anything to potentially take root between him and Ema.  Louis was another one that got regulated to “friend” despite having a decent beginning and would have made a strong contender had his character and attentions been maintained.

Otherwise, the other 9 siblings had pretty solid romance opportunities with Ema.  Each one being cultivated over time from Ema at age 9 to Ema at 18.  The story maintained several of the rivalries from the game / novels / anime and used those to help generate tension between the brothers.  Unfortunately, this made these characters seem narrow sighted for not seeing all their brothers as rivals.  The few brothers who did not have rival to be pitted against normally had to compete with their jobs and the age difference.  Those were probably the most interesting characters as they often acted not out of jealousy (except for 2 instances) but out of the desire to make the most of their time with Ema.

It’s a difference in terms of how the characters approach their feelings for Ema but still the 9 brothers build up strong potential romances with Ema.  Strong enough that it’s hard to know who she will eventually choose.  I will touch on the ending later, for now I want to dive into Ema’s side of this romantic harem.

Ema Hinata is one of those characters who is meant to be the “every girl,” very few defining personality traits and quirks in the game and while she has a bit more in the anime, she lacks a bit of depth.  This story gives her that depth and actually tries to shape her away from the “every girl.”  She doesn’t have a strong personality but she does have one, enough of one that when as her brothers start confessing their feelings to her and (some) becoming aggressive with their affections she reacts.  She doesn’t just take their actions or words; she reacts to them.

Everything that happens as the brothers make moves on her causes Ema stress and the pushier they become, the more she retreats from them.  In the anime, Ema kept pointing out that “they’re family” and in this story she clings to the idea of “Family” even more firmly because she grew up side by side with the brothers then suddenly – it would feel sudden to her – how her brothers feel for her has turned from familial to romantic; it causes her to eventually lash out and say how she sees them as family.  In the anime, it feels like the “family” reason is more of an excuse for her to not analyze her feelings but in this story it makes sense given the history it builds between her and the brothers.

Actually, because of how Ema reacts to the brothers’ aggressive behavior leads to my favorite moment in the story; the part where she leaves Japan with Louis (the brother regulated to friend/family zone) to spend the summer in France.  It’s my favorite part of the story because unlike the anime where Ema tries to family-zone the brothers and they all decide to still pursue her; this story shows that there are consequences to the brothers pushing so hard for her to return their affections.  Ema leaving is also the best point because it allows the character to analyze her feelings and what she wants for her future – a subplot in the story.  It’s the only time where Ema is able to focus on herself instead of the Asahina brothers.

Now, as for the end; much like the game, there are multiple different endings.  There is an ending for Tsubaki, Azusa, Natsuem, Yusuke, Fuuto, Kaname, and Masomi.  While I think this is genius because it allows just about any Reader to be happy with the various endings, it also pisses me off.  Note the number of different endings – 7 – note how many brothers I said had strong romance potential with Ema – 9.  Yeah, two of those brothers did not get an ending, Ukyo and Subaru.  Why I’m mad about this is because the Ukyo had a strong build and was on the same level as Masomi yet for whatever reason he was never given an ending.  Just nothing.  Apparently the story didn’t bother with giving Ukyo a happy ending beyond him just being happy that Ema’s happy.

Truthfully, I’m more upset about Subaru not getting an ending because out of the 9 potential romances his got dropped a bit earlier than the others.  Not completely dropped but enough to signal that the story was done trying to wiggle the basketball star back in.  He had a strong beginning, a weak middle, and then he disappears near the end to pursue his career only to return when Ema returns.  There’s concessions made for the other brothers to try and tie up loose unrequited ends but Subaru gets nothing.  I understand that he’s hard to write – whoever created Subaru’s character did not bother trying to go past “he’s a basketball star who’s awkward with girls” – but this story could’ve given him a bit more potential.  It certainly could’ve – at the very least – given him an end where Ema goes to watch one of his first games in the pro and…well, time makes the heart grow fonder.  This story could’ve gone corny and made it work.  Instead, it ignored the potential.

Overall, the story is very good.  Despite my grievances about certain characters not receiving an ending or a chance at romance, I still enjoy it a lot.  I appreciate how the brothers’ feelings slow eat away at Ema until she breaks down and must literally leave to find herself.  I also enjoy the amount of time devoted to each brother’s feelings and their interactions with Ema.  Personally, my pick would be for Kaname or Yusuke but I’m biased.

I do highly recommend the story, it’s a good one to read and it does a great job of maintaining the harem aspect of the story.  I seriously could see each one of those endings happening and when Ema returned from Japan it was wide open as to who she would end up with.  It was a great story to read and I hope other Readers take the time to check it out.


Stars: 8.5 / 10

Love Found in Radio Review

Title:  Love Found in Radio                               Author: BrokenBlackCat

Source: Clover/Heart no Kuni no Alice                 Character(s): Alice L., Elliot M., Ace

Rating:  T                                                  Genre(s): Humor / Romance

Chapter(s): 1                                                Status: Complete

Author’s Synopsis: Alice works in a radio station and there, she comes across a male asking for help in love. She tries to help him but somehow, along the way, she feels like she knows the guy. What’s she going to do now?


Welcome Readers, it’s Friday so it’s time for another fan fic review.  I kind of feel bad for reviewing this story because the author is obviously writing in their second (or third or fourth) language, and a native speaker never reviewed the story before it was posted.  Still, as I’ve said before, nothing is off limits for me to read and review, so I will review the story as it is regardless if the author is writing in his/hers second language.  I’m done postponing, let’s get this show on the road.  I am the Fan Fic Reviewer; here to review the good, the bad, and those that should never exist in fan fiction.  Let’s dive in!

The synopsis is accurate.  College student Alice works part time at a radio station and she gets a caller named “Elli” who is looking for advice on how to take his relationship with a girl friend to the next level.  The advice Alice gives backfires on “Elli” so he keeps calling in for more advice until one day she realizes that “Elli” has been her friend Elliot March the entire time.

See, when I first read the synopsis I was thinking something along the lines of the movie “Cats & Dogs;” I figured Alice was going to give this caller advice, he’d seek her out to thank her and they would start to fall in love.  That’s not this story.  This story is…it’s bare bones.  I’ll address the different weaknesses that make this story paper thin.

First off, the characters.  I know that in the video games and mangas Alice tends to be a bland character because she’s meant to represent the every girl; girls who play the games are meant to imagine that they are Alice and get to project their personalities and fantasies onto her.  However, when it comes to fan fiction, Alice should have some sort of characterization, some personality.  The only thing Alice had going for her in this story is that she’s oblivious.

Elliot and Ace have zero personality too.  The only things known about Elliot and Ace are that they are both Alice’s friends and they are in love (?) with her.  I put in the question mark because while the dialogue between Elliot and Ace suggest that both men have romantic interests in Alice, the only one putting any effort to woo her is Elliot.  I’m trying to find more things to help build my case, but the story doesn’t offer much.  There is minimal interaction between Alice and the boys.  At one point they meet up before class and exchange pleasantries, but that’s about it.  They don’t seem to hang out together and neither Elliot nor Ace really try to make a move on Alice when they are together.  It’s all feels superficial.

Next up, the storytelling is a skeleton.  The story knows how it wants to end and that it wants the interaction between Elliot and Alice to be through radio, but beyond that the story seems lost.  Everything comes back around to the radio show and Alice giving romance advice to Elliot, but when anything happens outside the radio then the story flounders.  It’s a fine start but it really should have been fleshed out; include interactions between Elliot and Alice, have Elliot mention that he heard Alice on the radio, have Ace make some moves on Alice to urge Elliot on, and have these characters be college students.

Remember, these characters are meant to be college students in this story but they don’t seem to act like students.  The college aspect of these characters feels like a coop-out, like the story just felt like it had to make these characters some sort of students without making them live out the student life.  If the story had used that college status to make the characters interact and act out the romantic advice that Alice provides, then it would have helped to create the romance and give the characters some depth.

Finally, the grammar is horrible.  I know that this story is not written in the author’s native language but poor grammar and sentence structure is horribly distracting.  This story should have been reviewed by a native English speaker before being posted to help clean up the grammar.  Having someone vet the grammar wouldn’t have made the story better per say, but it would have made it easier to read.  I almost gave up on the story because I couldn’t stand the horrible grammar.

I can say that I do not recommend this story to anyone.  No matter how much of an Alice in the Country of – fan a Reader is, this story is not worth the time.  There are better stories out there to read.  I will, however, encourage if anyone is a writer to write a better version of this story.  Beyond that, don’t bother with this story.


Stars: 1/10